Genius Dan

This post is way too long overdue. We visited Dan and his free Octa-Tetra Museum 1.5 years ago! It all started with a call and an appointment. A quick drive downtown. Open the door and you are in this magical place with HUGE paper structures that teach you about math and art.

And it's not just this math-art combinations that makes this place special, it's its creator. When you visit, you sit down with Dan and create a small model with paper templates he provides for participants.

While you eat your cookies (thanks Dan!) he'll give an inspiring presentation. I don't want to say too much, but you'll see an Einstein t-shirt!

Dan Suttin's Octa-Tetra Museum is a San Antonio gem and you can visit too! Dan is hoping for a 4th of July reopening. You can follow the Octa-tetra Museum on Facebook here.


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