Our Favorite YouTubers

For many years we have followed a group of STEM YouTubers, and we would like to share them with you. We have spent many evening binging their channel and learning while having fun together. Let us know in the comments if you recommend any channels. We are always looking for new ways to learn.

Smarter Every Day

Dustin, the host, is a Geek Dad who creates videos with his family. Some of our all time favorites STEM videos were created by this channel!

SciShow Kids

I can guarantee you the younger kids will love this channel. Jessi and her friend (a robotic rat) explain complex concepts in very simple terms.


Derek has a mix of science, travel and personal videos. All of them are fantastic and make you love science even more.

Infinite Series

This one is for Math lovers. The series ended, but you can still watch online. Just one episode will keep you thinking and discussing Math for days!


We've been following this channel since they started. They have branched out into other subjects , but this one remains one of our favorites.

Minute Physics

The videos are longer than a minute and will teach Physics geeks complex and simple concepts. Plus, the animation style keeps it fun.

The Slow Mo Guys

2 crazy guys with a slow motion camera? Yes, it is crazy and fun and the whole family will enjoy it. It shows you in detail how the world acts once you take time to slow it down.


Chemistry geeks, this is for you! ​NileRed is flashy and fun if that's what you're into, but he also shows a wide variety of chemical formulas and equations. Also, he talks about a WIDE range of topics, from food flavouring to synthesizing chemicals.

Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

This team makes science look beautiful! ​Kurzgesagt makes you question your existence, and the way you've been programmed to see the world around you

Steve Mould

Classic science experiments using mirrors, sounds and chemistry. He releases new videos every Thursday.


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