The Machine Inside BIOMECHANICS

The new Witte’s exhibit will take you beyond the surface of nature to explore the invisible workings within.

Geek Families SA is thrilled for the opportunity to talk to Sarah Rowley, STEM Education Manager at the Witte Museum. With all the stunning and educational exhibits we have seen at the Witte, we just had to ask what’s her favorite part of “Biomechanics.”

“There are so many cool things in The Machine Inside: Biomechanics exhibition that it’s almost impossible to say what we’re the most excited about! As the STEM Education Manager, I love the part that shows how leverage in the jaw affects bite force. I also think the first section of the exhibition is fascinating: it gets into materials science and shows how different structures withstand force. I know our visitors will be very excited to try the flapping wings chair and explore how wing shape influences flight. I hope that after exploring this exhibition our guests will view the natural world with a renewed sense of wonder.”

Plan Ahead

Of course, the museum is always working on the next big thing and we got an exclusive sneak peak on what she is planning for 2021!

STEAM Sunday: Heart Hydraulics, 2/7/21; a hands-on family workshop (additional purchase required)

Super Saturday: Build It, 2/20/21; an afternoon featuring partners who do engineering work of all kinds (included with admission)

Super Spring Break, 3/6-14/21; a week featuring partners who do biomechanical work (included with admission)

STEAM Sunday: Dino Levers, 3/7/21; a hands-on family workshop (additional purchase required)

Spring Break Camp: Witte Unlocked, 3/8-12/21; a day camp for ages 6-12 featuring a sampling of all the Witte has to offer (history, prehistory, dinos, nature, wellness, and the rest of STEAM)


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